• Because we were planning to have a fence  installed on our property within the next few weeks, Mr. Levesque  scheduled a prompt date to survey our borders.  Even though the day  itself turned out to be rainy, he came anyway and worked solo in the  constant drizzle.  He was agreeable and pleasant, not only during the  hiring process, but also during the actual workday.  He set pins where  they were missing, and added a few in between as we requested, for the  benefit of the fence installer.  Because our property is a symmetrical  trapezoid, he was able to provide us with an official survey sketch  rather quickly.  We appreciate his professionalism and courtesy.

  • Very happy with the yard work. Prompt,  thorough and professional service. Pricing is appropriate - I know a  surveyor in another state, and he confirmed for me. Survey map looks  good; one note on map is incorrect.

  • Joe got back to us quickly and we were able  to set up a day for him to come out that week. He worked wonderfully and the price was great.

  • Joe was great to work with and very  efficient with getting our survey completed. He did our neighbor's  survey at the same time and worked with us on the price since he could  do two surveys in the same day and we shared a property line. His price  was great. Very happy and would recommend him. 

  • Overall, very professional and prompt service!

  • This was our first time to hire a surveyor  and we were pleased with the results. Joseph was prompt and explained  what he would do and actually walked the property with me. He also  marked property lines. We were pleased.

  • Helpful and knowledgeable of what needed to be done for my project. Highly recommended.

  • I have a neighbor who is very rough and can  be intimidating. Joe did the survey the whole time the neighbor watched  and was very professional. Didn't have a problem the whole time. 

  • Joe was prompt and thorough. He took time to give some explanation of property line surveying after I mentioned I was curious how it works. He staked all four corners of our lot with some intermediate stakes to assist the fence builders. I highly recommend this professional.

  • Joe was wonderful to work with: he was flexible and reasonable. He did an extremely thorough job staking out our property boundaries and explaining them to me. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone looking for reliable, efficient and competent service.